Would you like to know why Elements Himself is “in his element’?

Elements benefitted with funding from National Lotteries Commission when he earned the right to be called Tshisa’s Finest through his commitment to excellence.  To be “in your element” means you are in a situation that is so advantageous that you are destined for success.

Have you ever had a long held dream come true? Is this just blind “luck” or is your success within your grasp?  

Mlamli Mgese (also known as Bre Maca) performs as a rap and hip hop artist under the stage name of Elements Himself.  He has had the honour to work with Andrew Buckland at Rhodes University and perform drama at the National Arts Festival in Makhanda.

However, what he really longed for was more performance platforms and networking along the Garden Route.  And this dream has come true!

He first heard about Tshisa Talent when he entered the Knysna Competition in 2017. Inspired, he went on to become a main player when he participated in the Tshisa Talent Search Open Mics in 2018. He passed all the tests to qualify as Tshisa’s Finest and since then many more dreams have come true for Elements Himself.

His dream of networking in the Garden Route is a reality as he is a leading light in the Tshisa’s Finest team. He has also benefitted from career enhancing workshops delivered by Shaggy from Freshlyground, seasoned performer Tigger Reunert and gospel singer Sinethemba Mdayi.

He has benefitted through a professional photoshoot and the creation of his inspiring music video. He has also been on stage a number of times, sold a significant number of his CDs and has had the opportunity to collaborate with other great musicians.If you consistently dedicate yourself to your passion as Bre Maca has been doing for the past 20 years … you are bound to be a success. However, it takes a special kind of commitment and the desire to see others succeed that makes the biggest difference. Commitment to Tshisa Talent is another name for success.

If YOU have what it takes, join in the next round of Tshisa Open Mics. Details to be announced through our website and Facebook Page soon. And if you like his unique brand of music contact us for his CD.

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