How is Tshisa Talent currently discovering, developing and promoting young performers?

Tshisa Talent will be staging the Tshisa High Schools Talent Competition on Humans Rights Day, Thyrsday, 21 March 2019.

Thanks to the National Lotteries Commission, Tshisa Talent have uncovered 24 great groups of performers which encompasses 56 Learners from Percy Mdala and Knysna Sekonder in Knysna and Murray High and Knysna Sekonder in Plett.  The Winners will choose how they want to invest their winnings into their careers.  Watch this channel for a video of this exciting competition in the Garden Route of South Africa.  Help us to take kids off the street and put them on stage.  We make dreams come true! We are very grateful for the help of the National Lotteries Commission however we are only uncovering the tip of a beautiful iceberg and need all the help we can get to help as many performers as possible.

Please support this initiative by coming to the event if you are in the Garden Route and following our Tshisa Talent video channel wherever you are in the world.