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Find out about the many positive effects of the first Tshisa High School Talent Competition!

Thankfully schools receive able assistance and funding from many sources, for many causes, these days. However, have you noticed that talent contests, which could help those with a yearning for entertainment, are quite rare?

By the grace of our sponsors, National Lotteries Commission, with added sponsorship (which help to make our competitions magical and effective) from The Rolf-Stephan Nussbaum Foundation, we recently offered a way for young people to engage in something really positive, the Performing Arts!

Imagine you are one of the youngsters in this hall. You have just heard that one of your peers has passed away through ‘tragic circumstances’. While you take a moment to show respectful silence the thought probably creeps through your mind. ‘But for the Grace of God, there go I? Where am I going in life?’

Then you hear that not 1, but 3 youngsters from your school won through in the Tshisa High School Talent Finals. They have R5000 at their disposal to make their dreams, as entertainers, come true. You know the Winners and admire their talent but what if, what if … What if you could take the time to improve your song and dance before the next competition?

Could you also win the Tshisa High School Talent Competition and make your secret dreams come true? Would being an entertainer more rewarding than an admin job? Would the potential of being a star be better than having a family at an early age? Would the skills you learned help you in other areas of your life?

Watch this VIDEO as Manager Maphiko Mncedisi Ncedani visits Plett Sekonder, the first of the four schools, to award certificates celebrating their important participation.

You can see how the Principal feels good, how the kids are proud and excited about the success of their school mates, how the teacher is acknowledged and how upbeat everyone is about these unique opportunities. The schools want the emphasis on the performing arts to be increased and we have a wonderful Pilot Project which worked beautifully.

The most gratifying end result of this campaign of discovery was that we discovered that the Winners want to teach other kids!
This means the custom of Ubuntu and Caring is alive and well in community schools. Ubuntu, loosely, means I exist because of you. Caring is the same thing in another language. Viva Tshisa and our sponsors!