Guess what Tshisa Talent is up to in 2019?

 Tshisa Talent is staging an exciting inter schools competition in the Garden Route.

Thanks to National Lotteries Commission Tshisa Talent have invited the lucky learners from Murray High, Percy Mdala, Plett and Knysna Sekonder to participate in an inter schools talent competition.

Auditions take place at 14h30 on 24 Jan at Murray High, 30 Jan at Plett Sekonder, 6 Feb at  Percy Mdala and 13 Feb at Knysna Sekonder.  This will lead up to the Finals Competition on Human Rights Day on 21 March 2019. 


Follow us on your favourite Social Media to see some exciting performances and find out who the winners will be.  Once we have found the Winners, we will establish their needs and deliver the means to them.  This could be recording opportunities as well as funding to promote their careers.