What did we discover, besides talent, in 4 Garden Route High schools?


Tshisa Talent discovered that Ubuntu is still alive and well within our South African communities. “It’s like when a stranger comes to your door and you give him a bowl of food, knowing full well, that at dinner time there will be less for you and your family.” said Project Manager, Maphiko Mncedisi Ncedani.

It turns out that high up on our Winners Wish Lists is a commendable desire to pass their skills on to other people who are eager to learn. The Winners have been given the opportunity to create a Wish List to the value of R5000 and one of their priorities is for a Train the Trainer Workshop.

Tshisa Talent, with the help of the National Lotteries Commission and Rolf-Stephan Nussbaum Foundation, help the talented to make their dreams come true. We provide the first steps on the journey to a career in the performing arts.

Watch this video to find out who the Winners of the Tshisa High School Talent Competition. And keeping watching out for more news on how we make our Winners Dreams come true!