The Finest continue their journey with Tshisa Talent


We often wish we could let our sponsors like National Lotteries Commission come along to our events to experience the fun and excitement as people stretch to new heights in the performing arts. There is never enough budget to create enough opportunities for all the many deserving performers we discover.

So, we have to focus on those who are totally committed to achieving personal excellence to get the best return on investment for our sponsors. We were delighted to be able to give the Finest we discovered in the Garden Route the opportunity to attend the Kouga Finals. We look forward to our sponsors coming along on the journey with them in this video.

The Tshisa Talent Kouga Together collaboration in which we trained Event Co-ordinations was funded by National Lotteries Commission and the Rolf-Stephan Nussbaum Foundation helped us to fund the grand finale event. Everyone learned a lot about effective event organising and you will see that a lot of fun was had with the awesome talent putting on a great show. Gratitude all around!

We look forward to seeing which of the Kouga Winners will join the team and prove to earn the title of Tshisa’s Finest.