What does Tshisa Talent do for the communities of South Africa?

Tshisa Talent discovers, develops and promotes talent in the performing arts thanks to funding from the National Lotteries Commission and National Arts Council.

Imagine being in a community and having loads of talent and no way to express it? Imagine being tempted to turn to other vices to alleviate boredom and to gain misguided attention?
Imagine being discovered, developed and promoted so that you can launch a healthy career? What difference does this make to you and your community?

It is a fact that many young people today are wasting their talents when they turn to drugs and alcohol as a crutch. Tshisa Talent goes into the community and literally turns lives around. You will see in all our videos the prevalence of young children watching the older children. What do they see?
Thanks for funding received they are now seeing their heroes getting better and better and giving back to the community instead of being instrumental in the destruction of our social fabric which becomes a cycle of never ending despair.

Tshisa Talent and its valued funders are part of a great solution. If it is within your power to donate or provide opportunities for our talented please contact us so that we can join together to create a happy and healthKids watching DaLapooy future.