Want to know how to attract and maximise opportunity?


Take a look at these Tshisa Talent Winners who are carving out careers for themselves and how gratitude is helping them.

One of the saddest things Tshisa Talent and donors experience, amidst the joy we derive from empowering performing artists, is that some Winners do not pick up the opportunity and make the most of it. This means that they are actually taking an opportunity - that could have been embraced by some other deserving soul - and throwing it away.

Tshisa Talent Discovers, Develops and Promotes artistic talent however we are not artist managers. It is up to the artists to grasp the chances they are given and make the most of them.
We have some wonderful success stories which many we have discovered have created. Listen to these 2 examples from artists discovered in the Tshisa Kouga Event Organisers Program.
According to www.happierhuman.com

1. makes us happier.
2. makes people like us.
3. makes us healthier.
4. boosts our career.
5. strengthens our emotions.
6. develops our personality.
7. makes us more optimistic.
8. reduces too much materialism.
9. increases spiritualism.
10. makes us less self-centered.
11. increases self-esteem.
12. improves your sleep.
13. helps keep you away from the doctor.
14. helps you live longer.
15. increases your energy levels.
16. helps you to bounce back from tough times.
17. makes your memories happier.
18. reduces feelings of envy.
19. helps us relax.
20. makes you friendlier.
21. helps your marriage.
22. makes you look good.
23. helps you make friends.
24. deepens friendships.
25. makes you a more effective manager.
26. helps you network.
27. increases your goal achievement.
28. improves your decision making skills.
29. increases your productivity.

Gratitude is no cure-all, but it is a massively underutilised tool for improving life-satisfaction and happiness. And we are very grateful to National Lotteries Commission for supplying the funds for us to discover, develop and promote deserving talented, young South Africans. Thanks to www.happierhuman.com for this inspiring information.