What is a happening with the Tshisa High School Talent Auditions?

We are discovering exuberant enthusiasm and tremendous talent!

Wouldn’t it be great if some organisation could go into high schools and uncover talent? Wouldn’t it be amazing if they could help them to make their dreams come true with the help of an amazing sponsor?

Maphiko Mncedisi kaNcedani , Manager of Tshisa Talent, is delighted to announce the winners from Plett Secondary, Murray and Percy Mdala High. We will be uncovering more talent at Knysna Secondary School on 13 April 2019. After that it is up to the winners to practice, practice, practice for the Finnls on 21 March!!! Thank you to National Lotteries Commission for this opportunity which has been so enthusiastically embraced by the Learners and their very supportive Educators!!