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If you have participated in any Tshisa Talent Events and grabbed opportunities like the winner you are, send us your stories! We want to hear how we helped to make your dreams come true!

We would love to let the world know about what you are up to in your career as a performer. We thrive, together, on your news! This is the news STRINGS Capital from Hankey shared with us after you listen to their first album called ‘Afkoel Kallit’ …

What does STRINGS mean? Straat Talente Rym Intensiewe Notas Geen Spelekiesie

In English this means Street Talent Intense Notes No Games and this is what

The 3 artists Nolan De Klerk, Elvino Fortuin and Jadrian Prinsloo are all about. They are serious about getting their inspirational music (motivated by the youth and their community as experienced through their own life experiences) out into as many places as possible in the country.

We discovered STRINGS during the Tshisa Talent Competition held in Kouga in 2018.

These Hunks from Hankey walked away with the Best Song Award Category. They invested their prize money of R10 000 in their first album, ‘Afkoel Kallit’, the name of the song that won the competition.

‘Kallit’ is their word for “Kan ons Almal Lekker Lewe?” in their home language, Afrikaans or ‘Can we all live happily together?’ in English which they also, fittingly, embrace into their songs.

This soft rap group writes their own lyrics and produces their own work, with the guidance of their Manager, Sunitha Oosthuizen.

They dream of performing at Festivals and many other media platforms. A highlight has been performing besides Sdudla ma 1000.

Watch this space for more info about this Trio from Hankey.