How great is the National Arts Council?

Let us count the ways!
Since the Tshisa Talent Search started we have held twelve Open Mics in eight different locations in Plett and Knysna which were funded by NAC. Two hundred and forty individuals performed.
Through these we chose those who fulfilled the criteria mentioned in the news article “Is Tshisa an Exclusive Group?” to win the title of ‘Tshisa’s Finest’. Out of these artists NAC paid for two hundred CDs for two of our performance groups. We organised numerous opportunities for the Finest to perform in public.
Eleven of the artists performed at a special concert at the Bicycle Shed in Qolweni. And this culminated in the famous Shaggy from Freshlyground coming to assist us on 25 May 2018. He helped five artists to become registered with SAMRO and inspired them when he jammed with them in in Pinetree in Plett.