Is Tshisa Talent an "exclusive club" for only a few?

Here is the truth about the Tshisa Talent Discovery Campaign.
When you receive funding from organisations like National Lotteries Commission and the National Arts Council it makes sense that you need to fulfil the promises you made to earn the funding, right? Read about the promises we made and how we fulfilled them … and what YOU can expect in future.
For Phase 1 of our Tshisa Finest Campaign we promised that we would go into the communities of Knysna and Plett and uncover as much talent as we possibly could. We appointed Mncedisi Ncedani as our manager to fulfil the mandates and he has a great team helping him.
He and his team would find the best talent possible. They would be put through a series of tests, training and opportunities to test their metal and see if they were a) committed b) professional c) ethically good role models d) able to be an ongoing crowd pleaser with constantly evolving material and stage presence. Those who made the grade would earn the Title of ‘Tshisa’s Finest’.
The Tshisa Team’s role was to give the Finest as much help as possible to develop their careers. The aim is to make them self sustainable in their performing arts careers up to a certain point before they fly like birds from the nest, on their own.
Several individuals and groups grabbed the opportunity with both hands. They turned up at just about every Tshisa event and opportunity. They embraced the help we gave them and made the most of it. These are the ones who, sadly, attracted envy from some people. Others in the community have become their fans.
We are now at the end of Phase 1. Our last Open Mic Discovery Session is in New Horizons at the Compound on 2 June. Be there!
Then, our team will take a well deserved break while they are preparing Reports for our esteemed sponsors. If we can show that we received enough support from everyone in the community – artists and audiences, we may be granted more money to continue to Phase 2.
How does this affect you? If you are an accomplished artist, you may be able to qualify as Tshisa’s Finest. If you are not that good yet … practice, practice, practice to get up to speed. Keep watching our Facebook Page for updates on News and Events and share the love and join us!
Viva Tshisa! Making dreams come true together!
Put your hands together for Tshisa’s Finest and the organising team led by Mnce. This photo shows some  of some of our most consistent “Finest” braving the weather in Kurland. Look at the hands that grabbed the opportunities and shake hands with Tshisa.