Would you like to be one of Tshisa’s Finest?


 We asked Maphiko Mncedisi Kancedani, Manager of the Tshisa Talent, what it takes to be listed among the elite?

Q:  Besides talent, what do you need to rise above the rest as Tshisa's Finest?

A:  You need to be a crowd pleaser with a great presence on stage.  We need to feed back to our donors with positive results and show them how we have used their funding to the greatest effect.  This is the only way we will secure more funding to help as many performers as possible. So, we need people who commit to the program and show consistent dedication, no matter what. 

Q:  Who decides on who is chosen as the Finest?

A:  Performers need to fulfil the criteria of excellence and consistency however, ultimately, the audience decides who will become Tshisa’s Finest.  Many of the current Finest have Fan bases.

Q:What kind of performance material does Tshisa's Finest need?

A: Artists need to constantly develop exciting, new and original material to keep the audience coming for more and take excitement to the highest levels possible.

Q What has Tshisa done for The Finest in Phase 1 of the Open Mics?

A: In 2017 we developed ten groups.  They came on an exciting road show with …  and the artists with CDs sold them. However, sadly, some of these artists didn’t show much commitment and fell by the way.

In 2018, through the Open Mics we discovered new hot talent. We pay attention to all talented people but mostly to those who show commitment to their art and we try our best, together, to take them to the next level.

As per the artists requests, we helped them with

a)      Photo shoots

b)      Production of CDs and DVDs

c)       Professional career enhancing workshops including how to register with SAMRO and advice from experienced and successful artists

d)      Paid gigs where they could sell their CDs and DVDs

We also documented the entire campaign through iKasi Media and Daron Chatz Videos and we will be showing this exciting movie to the public very soon.

Q:  What is the most essential ingredient for success?

A: A will to succeed and dedicated commitment to your own success while being a team player.  Gratitude, especially towards our sponsors, is also a great attitude.

Q:   Do you need to be a good communicator who is always open to opportunity?

A: Absolutely.  If you don’t take or reply to the calls or communications, you will miss the opportunities

Q:  When is the next Phase of Open Mics and can anyone join in?

A: We are waiting to hear from our sponsors, National Lotteries Commission and National Arts Commission about more funding.  Then we will announce Phase 2 via our website (www.tshisatalent.co.za) and Facebook Page.  Everyone is welcome as long as they fulfil the criteria for Success as described above.